Ocean In A Bottle Glow In The Dark Necklace

Looking for a unique beach gift for the beach lover in your life? With this beautiful glow in the dark necklace your sure to have found the perfect gift for her.

A beautiful pearlized real seashell is in this tiny ocean in a bottle necklace. Epoxy resin is used to bring the ocean to you so you can keep the ocean close to your heart at all times!

When the night falls the ocean will glow in the dark a neon blue, reminding you of the rare bioluminicent waves you can see in very few places.

This necklace is also available on a 26 inch silver plated chain. The cork is securely glued into the bottle using e6000 adhesive so you wont have to worry about it falling out.

The tiny glass bottle is approx 1 1/4 inch in length and 1/2 inch wide.

This necklace is made to order so yours may vary slightly from the above pictures! This is what makes your necklace unique.

Depending on how much it is "charged" it will appear different colors during the daylight as well !

Charge time is 15 minutes to reach the brightest glow and longest duration. This beautiful beach necklace will glow in the dark for approx 1 hour.

This glowing necklace can be charged and discharged indefinitely.

Collections: Jewelry

Type: Necklace

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