Seashell Necklace

Those long summer nights down at the shore never have to end. Bring the ocean into your home and keep the memories and feelings the ocean brings close to your heart at all times. These beautiful real seashells are pearlized to bring out their natural glimmer and sparkle when the light hits them.

 Resin is used to bring the ocean into this tiny glass bottle. Next to the ocean is a ceramic turquoise starfish charm.  The ocean "sand" in this bottle glows in the dark! The way the "sand" in this bottle shimmers and sparkles and glows in the dark, makes me think of the rare beaches one can visit to view the glow of the bioluminescence waves! White and blue glass pearl beads are added to the chain for a touch of elegance! The glass bottle is 1 1/4 inches in length and comes on a silver plated 26 inch chain or a Sterling Silver 26 inch chain. Cork is permanently sealed in the bottle using e6000 adhesive. This pendant is made to order so yours may vary slightly from the above pictures. This is what makes your ocean in a bottle pendant unique!

Collections: Jewelry

Type: Necklace

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